Studio (prof. spacious studio in Munich, just one mile west of Munich Hbf, see
Indoor on-location (including your own place)
Outdoor (from natural scenic to of urban settings)

Focussing mainly on the following areas:

  • Commercial
  • Portfolio buildup for Models, Artists, Musicians, Athletes, ...
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Business Portrait
  • Creative and Environmental Portrait
  • Artistic Nude
  • Product and Macro Photography

Coaching in Posing and Appearance in front of the Camera

(for "new faces", public figures, actors, ...)

Having photographed quite some models – both amateur and agency based – and "normal people" over the years, I think I developed a rather good sense of what works and what doesn't work. What looks good and what doesn't look good. E.g. how to look cool and strong versus lovely and adorable, how to appear slimmer on photos, and so on.

Having occupied myself also with the the more "theoretical" aspects of this matters, I firmly believe that there is some element of "craft" which can be learned – not some mysterious magic or pure talent – to be successful in front of the camera (following the teachings of legendary Monte Zucker, Clay Blackmore, contemporary photographers like Lindsay Adler, Roberto Valenzuela, Peter Hurley, etc.).

I offer shootings tailored specifically to new faces models just starting out in the industry or anyone who needs compelling portfolio images. Concentrating on posing and little details (hands, weight distribution when standing and so on), giving feedback, analyzing and comparing photos etc. in a professional, but friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

One of the things which makes posing hard for upcoming models is that often poses which feel silly look good on camera and vice versa. Moreover models/clients often get to see only the very best of many hundreds of photos taken during a typical photo shoot. In my opinion that's not ideal at all for the person photographed, as you often learn much more by "mistakes", that is, photos that do not work and realizing why they don't work as well as the final selects. I hope I can help to develop an awareness for the impact of little things, which quite naturally leads to more convincing images over time.

Image Editing and Graphic Design

Retouching – both natural and magazine style (so-called "high end") retouching

Digital compositing and post-processing

Layout and Design – Album Covers, Flyers, etc.

Workshops and Trainings

Personal trainings: Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Photography in general - Basics comprehensibly explained
  • Learn to utilize the full power of your camera to take compelling photos
  • Studio photography - Basics of lighting and photography
  • Studio photography - Addvanced lighting
  • Introduction to Image processing: Lightroom/Capture 1 and Photoshop (Elements)
  • Photoshop - Advanced techniques. Photoshop - Professional retouching techniques

Workshops: Get in contact with me in case you want to be informed of upcoming lighting workshops or shooting trips.

Delivery and Prints

Edited photos are provided both in social media friendly resolutions as well as high quality full resolution (usually about 7500 x 5000 pixels) versions.

Selection of your favorite images (which will be edited) possible by providing low resolution previews which can be comfortably flagged online in a browser (password protected web space).

I don't offer self-made prints. Instead I recommend the professional printing service of WHITE WALL, which delivers prints of superb quality in a variety of sizes and canvas types. Of course I can take care of handling this for you – so you'll get prints delivered directly to your place by DHL.

Aquisition of a complete set of raw images is possible (but be prepared that a whole shooting usually comprises of 30 to 100 GB of raw data).

I adopt triple-redundant backup of data using prof. backup services (unless you don't like this). So you will be able to request more edited photos months or even years later if you should decide so.


Please ask for an individual offer.

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