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The Person behind neternis fotografie

Enthusiastic about photography from childhood on, starting out way before digital ... falling in love with the 'sexy' shutter click sound of Leica analogue film cameras 🎞️).

Originally graduated physicist (theoretical astronomy and cosmology 🌀), having been working in research (including scientific image processing) and teaching.

For about 10 years concentrating on photography, mainly people photography,  as well as professional image processing and retouching, having transforming an ambition into a profession; with somewhat perfectionistic and workoholistic tendencies.

Personal interests (apart from photography, of course): Art 🎨, music, motion pictures, history, literature 🕮, archeology, philosophy, billards, sports (running), audio-books-crazy, constanly planning a round-the-world-trip, learning to sail,...

I have both a funny, humerous, sometimes ironic side - taking life and especially myself not toooo serious - and a somewhat dreamy "hopelessly romantic" side, tending towards melancholy; having overcome severe depression in the past; resonating with Nietzsche's famous quote "Wir haben die Kunst, damit wir nicht an der Wahrheit zugrunde gehen"; flirting with the idea of "All Art comes from pain" (which – looking at it as objectively as possible – probably isn't true at all? Let alone the notorious question, what 'Art' actually is...).

So maybe searching for beauty in photography as a counterpoint to the more darker sides of life?

Anyway, words, words... Let's create stunning imagery! 😉

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