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Why I switched to Luminar

Recently I switched from using Lightroom by Adobe® and Capture One by Phase One® to Luminar by Skylum®, see https://skylum.grsm.io/neternis  (referral link).

I can highly recommend Luminar, both for professionals and amateurs: Clean & modern interface. State-of-the-art engine (raw converter, tone and colouring as well as sharpening/clarity/noise reduction algorithms/etc.). Good performance (minimal lag, even with 50 megapixel raw files or uge panorams). Intuitive tools and comprehensive features, but also offering really working (AI based) "auto" options for people, who don't want to spend too much time tweaking every single image individually. Of course it's no replacement for advanced compositing/retouching programs like Photoshop, but I'd suggest giving it a try as an (in my opinion superior) "Lightroom alternative". Not without reason it won several recent awards, e.g. TIPA World Awards 2019 for best image editing software in 2019.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Skylum® in any way. I use it myself (and see myself using similar products, I also own, less and less often); though I do get some benefit from the referral link above, I fully stand behind my recommendations.

In the past I often recommended LR, though I never was quite satisfied with it (performance, raw converter quality, useless presets, bad 'auto' algorithms, awkard steady switching between library and develop module, ...).

In my opinion C1 was great for some professionals (depending on workflow and requirements), especially due to a superior raw converter engine (depending on camera model, of course), but I never had a good feeling recommending it in general, especially to amateurs or ambitioned hobby photographers.

Therefore I'm really happy, that nowadays I can uncomprisingly recommend a program with good conscience.

I'm thinking about doing a more extensive comparison, if time allows. So stay tuned :)

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