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Planned Projects - Call for Applications

Below you'll find a selection of free artistic projects, some of which I'll be implementing in the upcoming summer/autumn season 2017.

If you are a fashion or jewelry designer, stylist, make-up artist or model and are interested in collaborating, you are welcome to make an application or ask for details.

E-Mail: hello@neternis.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/neternis

Instagram: @neternis_fotografie

"High Fasion Meets High Mountains" series. Mostly flowing soigné dresses in grand scenic locations in the bavarian and austrian alps.

Classy swimwear at beautiful beach locations (lake Chiemsee) and waterfalls.

Parachute dress. Using an authentic decellartion parachute (4.5m diameter) as a 'dress'. Semi nude.

"City at Night" series. Urban fashion in cool locations at dawn and night, mostly in Munich or Salzburg.

Idyllic chinese and japanic garden shooting in morning or evening light. Fashion. Possibly editorial. Preferably asiatic model.

Dance series in studio applying creative lighting. Both modern dance and ballett. (Only prof. or highly advanced dancers.)

Dance series on-location and outdoor. Also both modern and ballett.

Sports/Gymnastics. Outdoor leap-frog in dramatic lighting at a cool location in Munich. (Only prof. or highly advanced athletes.)

Sports/Athlectics: Running on track and field raceway.

Fine-art nude at a beautiful mountain lake with grand scenic background.

Classical fine-art nude in studio. Special lighting (extremely soft) on glossy floor (creating perfect reflections).

Cheeky provocant (but covered) nude outdoor with car. Persiflage on pin-up sports-car shootings.

Artistic nude in "lost-places" location.

"Wind in Your Hair". In case there's some stormy autumn weather over lake Chiemsee: Portraits with wild and flowing hair, partially covering face. Also videography. At shore and harbour region, on jetty, dramatic cloud formations in background... Hey, I can dream about the perfect shooting weather, can I?! ;-)

Photoshooting on a saildboat. (No detailed plans yet.)

Dynamic (close-up) portraits with water splashes. Applying methods of high-speed photography; freezing motion using speedlights with minimal burning time and sound triggers.

Levitation. (Still thinking about detailed idea and scouting locations. The usual 'airy dress in the forest' is nice, but a bit overused lately in my opinion?)

Apart from pure photography I'd like to move more into videography: E.g. video portfolio headshots , hair flips, lifting of the eye lashes, etc. in slow motion.

Of course you are welcome to impress me with your own ideas, outfits, abilities (sports, dance, ballett, gymnastics,...) or locations. If you happen to know the owners of castles, sports stadia, nightclubs, etc. - or own some yourself - don't hesitate to drop me a note! ;-)

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