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Welcome to neternis fotografie, passionate about photograhy & post-processing, based in Southern Germany (Munich, Traunstein, Salzburg)...

... creating visual content

... striving for images with impact

... struggling with my inner deamons

Current note (April 2019), as I often get asked "Florian, what software do you use?"...

I highly recommend Luminar by Skylum®, which won - not without reason! - several recent awards, e.g. "Best Imaging Software" by TIPA World Awards 2019.

See https://skylum.grsm.io/neternis (referral link) for more details, or read on, why I switched to Luminar from Lightroom.

Commercial – expressive portrait – fashion & beauty – fine-art

Portfolio work for dancers, athletes, bloggers, models, ...

Workshops (photography, studio lighting, photoshop)

Upcoming free/artistic work: Planned Projects

Drop me a note if you'd like to be part of it!


Feel free to contact me or visit me on instagram or facebook.

Florian & Team


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